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Auto Idle Stop | 2020 Acura MDX | Acura Owners Site


FREE2018 TLX shown for demonstration purposes. How to Use the Automatic Idle Stop Feature. This video will give you an overview of the Automatic Idle Stop feature on your Acura MDX and teach you how to turn it off. ... See Details

Auto Idle Stop* - Acura


FREEturns off and the auto idle stop indicator appears. When you release the brake pedal, the engine restarts and the vehicle begins to move. Auto idle stop does not activate (or the engine may automatically restart) when the driver’s seat belt is unfastened, the vehicle is stopped on a … ... See Details

Climate Control System Press the rear AUTO Press the


FREETo turn off the rear climate control system, press the (ON/OFF) button. Using the Rear Climate Control System From the Front Panel 1Rear Climate Control System LOCK appears on the rear control panel while the rear lock is on. If the rear lock is on while in SYNC mode, the rear control panel is disabled. LOCK SYNC appears on the rear control panel. ... See Details

Acura MDX Owner’s Guide


FREEON, then goes off. • Comes on if there is a problem with a system related to braking other than the conventional brake system. • Comes on if there is a problem with the automatic brake hold system Have your vehicle checked by a dealer. With this indicator on, your ... See Details

Gauges and Displays - Acura


FREEYou can also turn off speed limit information. 2 Customized Features P. 345 You can turn on or off the speed limit information. 2 Customized Features P. 345 Models with navigation system Models without navigation system Current Mode for ACC with Low Speed Follow, LKAS, and Traffic Jam Assist Range ... See Details

Specifications | 2019 Acura MDX | Acura Owners Site


FREEAuto-On/Off Headlight Operation with Wiper Integration. Auto High-Beam. Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers. Heated Side Mirrors with Reverse Gear Tilt-Down. Auto Dimming Side Mirrors. ... See Details



FREEKEYLESS MEMORY SETTINGS 8 9 2.ChecktheMID: •Ifyouhavethecorrectremote,thedriverIDthatfirstappearson theMIDwillmatchtheIDnumberonthebackofyourremote. ... See Details

Auto High Beam - Acura


FREEn Turning the System On or Off Make sure the headlight lever is in the low beam position with the switch rotated to the AUTO position. The auto high beam system indicator comes on. To turn the system on: Pull and hold the headlight lever toward you for about 30 seconds, until the indicator flashes once. ... See Details

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®), aka Electronic Stability


FREETurning VSA On or Off VSA is turned on every time you turn on the vehicle. If you turn VSA off, your vehicle has normal braking and cornering ability, but VSA traction and stability enhancement become less effective. Press and hold the VSA OFF button until you hear a beep to turn VSA on or off. The VSA OFF indicator appears when the system is off. ... See Details

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) - Acura


FREEThe system does not work if you take your hands off the steering wheel or fail to steer the vehicle. DRIVING. Do not place objects on the top of the instrument panel. They may reflect onto the windshield and prevent the system from detecting lane lines properly. ... See Details