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[PDF]siRNA: Technologies and Uses


FREEOff-target effects (example paper) Persengiev et al., RNA 10: 12-18 (2004) •siRNAs <30bp can induce off-target effects in a concentration-dependent manner •>1000 genes are non-specifically up or down-regulated. •The identity of the siRNA sequence is not relevant to the off … ... See Details

Selecting and Displaying Structures: Using the Structure


FREEThe Structure Navigator can also be switched on or off by clicking on the View button in the top-level menu, selecting Toolbars, then enabling or disabling the Structure Navigator. • The Structure … ... See Details

Customising the Display of Unit Cell Edges and Labels


FREETo switch unit cell axes labels on or off, right-click on a structure’s unit cell edge, pick Labels from the pull-down menu, and select the required option (Show labels, Hide labels). Cell axes labels can also be turned off … ... See Details

Customising the Display


FREESwitching Hydrogens On and Off. Turning All Atom Labels On or Off. Atom Labelling options. Colouring and Resizing All Labels. Customising the Display of Unit Cell Edges and Labels. Setting Display Properties … ... See Details

Turning All Atom Labels On or Off


FREESwitch on or off the Label atoms tick-box located near the bottom of the main Mercury window. Switch on or off the Show Labels tick-box located above the visualiser on the left-hand side. Options … ... See Details