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Site Description : Iridology, herbs and nutrition are used to deliver personalized natural healing, health and wellness solutions by our Natural Health Practitioner's (Diane McLaren) integrated methodology

Iridology Course Level 2 | Advanced Iridology Course


FREEPrerequisite: Iridology Training Course Level 1. This Advanced Iridology Course is focused on analyzing the patterns and delicate structures of the iris of each eye to accurately understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of body tissues and organs.. Course Time: 8 Hours + Study. This Iridology Course may be of particular interest to nutritionists, natural health practitioners ... ... See Details

Advanced Herbal Practitioner Course Ontario


FREEPicking up where the Iridology & Herbalist Training Courses left off, students study: In-depth study of the framework essential for assessments, Detailed selection and use of the top herbs & nutrition as natural medicines; Integrates Eastern philosophies into a modern holistic approach ... See Details

Iridology Practitioner Course Level I


FREEPrerequisite: Herbalist Practitioner Course Level I. Iridology is taught by a Clinically Certified Iridologist and Natural Health Practitioner who has been in active practice since 1994. The course utilizes accelerated learning techniques to progressively introduce iridology from origins through to use today. ... See Details

Natural Antibiotics Fight Infection | SilverGuard Aqua Sol


FREENatural antibiotics fight infectious disease and SilverGuard Aqua Sol is a scientifically validated, patented, natural antibiotic that fights virus, bacteria, fungus effectively.. Silver has been widely used to disinfect and to kill bacteria, viruses, yeast and other pathogens and variations for thousands of years!. Order Silver Shield Aqua Sol, a natural, modern antibiotic ... ... See Details

Body Fat Composition Analysis & Testing


FREEThis body composition analyzer accurately evaluates your essential fat, reserve fat and excess fat levels to gold standards all without any advance preparation like fasting, voiding or taking any cloths off! What body composition results tell you. Essential Fat: The minimum amount of fat needed for good health ... See Details

What Is The Immune System & How To Strengthen It


FREEWhen your outer defenses fail to fend off the invader, your immune system has developed a variety of “soldiers” each with its own weapons or method of attack (2nd line) – some parts of your immune systems do not actually engage in battle. ... See Details

Body Systems Approach To Naturally Better Health


FREEIt's hard to determine what is the best approach and simply purchasing some products off the shelf hoping for the "shot gun effect" rarely delivers any degree of success and typically results in waste of hard earned dollars. With a blueprint of your health, you'll know which systems to target and which of our quality products will be of most ... ... See Details

76 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health :: Risks & Dangers


FREE76 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health :: Risks & Dangers. The human brain is wired to seek out sugar, most people have a sweet tooth but consuming too much sugar can … ... See Details

Weight Loss Program & IP Clinic Comparisons | Ideal Protein


FREEIs off the shelf (barring back-orders). Is it priced fairly? Did you ask to drop in to look around? Is the clinic busy? Are the selves stocked? Are the bathrooms clean? Was there any restriction on when you could drop in? Can you follow the program while travelling or on vacation? ... ... See Details