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Site Description : Hong Jing is a data scientist & Alibaba PhD student, write about Machine Learning & Neuroscience

God tested Abraham’s faith | Devotions

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/devotions/bsf-genesis-lesson14-day2

FREEJan 11, 2021 · Early the next morning, Abraham set off with Isaac and two servants, and wood for the burnt offering. Isaac asked his father where is the offering, and he answered, God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering. ... See Details

Nations descended from Noah’s sons spread out over the

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/devotions/bsf-genesis-lesson07-day4

FREESummary of Genesis 10. As God has commanded, to be fruitful, to multiply and fill the earth, these are the early people who form multiply nations and languages that spread worldwide. ... See Details

Airbnb in Seattle — Data Analysis - Hong Jing (Jingles)

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/2019/07/13/airbnb-in-seattle-data-analysis/

FREEwhen is the off-peak season for maintenance? common group size of Seattle travellers, is it 2 or family or 4 or larger? bedroom configurations to maximise booking rates? how to achieve a good rating? do hosts with higher rating have higher revenue? amenities to include? Get and prepare data. ... See Details

God called Abram | Devotions

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/devotions/bsf-genesis-lesson08-day3

FREEOct 11, 2020 · Genesis 12 starts off with God’s call to Abram to leave his father’s household to the land which God will show. He did not know where to go and for what purpose. But we know that Abram was obedient, as version 4 wrote, So Abram went, as the Lord had told him and Hebrews 11 … ... See Details

God’s Covenant With Abram | Devotions

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/devotions/bsf-genesis-lesson11-day1

FREEScripture often reminds us to put off fear. Our human tendency is to be afraid. Believing the truth about God overcomes our fear. I am “your very great reward.” Abram had just refused great financial reward from the king of Sodom. Now, God revealed that Abram had chosen the very best reward. ... See Details

Abraham: Conflicts Surrounding Isaac’s Birth | Devotions

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/devotions/bsf-genesis-lesson14-day1

FREEJan 10, 2021 · After Ishmael and Hagar have been sent off, they are in the desert with no water. She left Ishmael under a bush and went away and cried. God spoke about and reminded of his promise to Ishmael, becoming a great nation. God provided a well to meet their physical needs. The Peaceful Solution to Strife – Genesis 21:22-34 ... See Details

7 ways to get started into ML, ranked from easiest to

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/2020/11/11/ways-start-ml/

FREEIf the sink or swim attitude at a startup doesn’t intimidate you or turn you off to working at a startup, it can be a great way to gain a number of valuable skills quickly. Since you will wear many hats, and you will need to learn things on the fly, you will become better with machine learning and the processes surrounding it to bring it to ... ... See Details

The Lord God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/devotions/bsf-genesis-lesson03-day5

FREESep 11, 2020 · Unfortunately, God had to drive them out from the perfect garden to keep them out from the tree of life, preventing them from living forever in sin. The physical approach to eternal life has been completely cut off. The only way is through Jesus. Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except ... ... See Details

How to Stay Focus and Accomplish Your Goals - Hong Jing

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/2019/12/01/how-to-stay-focus-accomplish-your-goals/

FREETurn off notifications: Mute emails and social media feeds (including those annoying messaging groups) notifications on your phone and put it away out of sight to stop it from constantly drawing your attention away from your task ... See Details

Predict Movie Earnings with Posters - Hong Jing (Jingles)

Link: https://jinglescode.github.io/2019/11/17/predict-movie-earnings-with-posters/

FREEGiven based off a movie poster alone, predicting earnings and popularity of a movie can be a daunting task. This issue rings true even for distribution companies and investors who have hundreds of experts and analysts working for them to ensure that their investments are not in vain and reap rich returns. ... See Details