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Orlando to Pensacola road trip notes and photos | Loyalty

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FREEJun 17, 2016 · I accepted my iPhone Maps advice to get my car to I-10 and cut an hour off the drive to Pensacola, even though it was an extra 45 miles in distance. Based on my observations of the extended strip mall appearance of Panama City, I figured I had already seen some of the best scenery along Florida’s Panhandle driving U.S. Route 98 along the Big ... ... See Details

How to check Marriott Bonvoy reward rates each night in

Link: https://loyaltytraveler.boardingarea.com/2019/09/20/how-to-check-marriott-bonvoy-reward-rates-each-night-in-monthly-view/

20% offSep 20, 2019 · For example, Oct 23-Oct 28 includes 2 nights at 50,000 points, 2 nights at 60,000 points and 1 night at 40,000 points for 260,000 points total. 20% off the total rate would be 208,000 points, but the actual 5th night free reward rate is 220,000 points. The lowest reward rate night on Oct 27 at 40,000 points is the discounted 5th night free. ... See Details

Why I don’t publish hotel rate mistakes | Loyalty Traveler

Link: https://loyaltytraveler.boardingarea.com/2012/08/20/why-i-dont-publish-hotel-rate-mistakes/

FREEAug 20, 2012 · I get the feeling lu is wondering how to do a travel blog and get free travel or write travel off. Back on topic… I agree that the punishment can be disproportionate to the perceived wrong on th eBRGs, etc. Though it is easy enough for the IT folks to have some simple checks in the system that would flag extremely low prices. e.g. if less ... ... See Details

Little Nuisances of Travel and Loyalty | Loyalty Traveler

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FREEJun 11, 2009 · Little Nuisances of Travel and Loyalty. The little nuisances of travel purchases and loyalty programs rear their ugly heads when it comes time to cancel, change, or follow-up on missing credit, points, miles, and refunds. I know some of you out there must be like me and blow off some miles, points, or cash now and then just because it is too ... ... See Details

Work-Life Balance and the Travel Effect | Loyalty Traveler

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FREEAug 19, 2014 · America’s always-on work culture exerts powerful influence on our decisions about using Paid Time Off (PTO). Some of the leading cultural barriers include: A Negative Vibe About PTO: Two-thirds of American workers (67%) say their company says nothing about taking time off, sends mixed messages or discourages them from using PTO. ... See Details

Multiple Best Rate Guarantee claims for really low hotel

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10% offFeb 15, 2013 · You can choose between 2000 Starpoints and lower rate or 10% off lower rate without bonus Starpoints. One night stays generally favor taking starpoints ($50 value). Starwood lets you know in about 24 hours. If the rates are refundable, then you can book the alternate site and cancel that rate if your Starwood BRG is approved. ... See Details

SPG Best Rate Guarantee for 2,000 points or 10% off

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10% offJul 13, 2012 · Jul 13, 2012 · 10% Starwood Solution vs. 20% Hyatt and 25% Marriott/Carlson BRG Discounts. The Starwood Hotels Best Rate Guarantee (BRG) offers a 10% discount on a lower rate found with a competing Online Travel Agency (OTA) rate. This is a small discount compared to 20% with Hyatt and 25% with Marriott and Carlson Hotels discounts for validated Best Rate Guarantee claims. ... See Details