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Responsibilities and expectations for students living on


FREEOff campus. To students living off campus: it is just as crucial for you to fulfill your responsibilities during this period as it is for students living on campus. You must adhere to the safety and health protocols required by the city and state where you live. Don’t throw parties or organize gatherings. ... See Details

Lift-off Processes with Photoresists


FREELift-off - Basic Questions and Criteria Beside wet or dry etching, lift-off is a common technique to pattern metal or dielectrica films in the µm or sub-µm range. The main criteria for the choice of a photoresist best-suited for a certain lift-off process are: The thickness of the coated material ... See Details



FREEMIT Coop, COOP, Cooperative Society, bookstore. There are two store locations for The Coop at MIT, one at the MIT Student Center, the other in Kendall Square.At these locations you can buy books and insignia items such as MIT mugs, t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as school supplies and other items. ... See Details

Letter regarding MIT's response to the coronavirus disease


FREEMar 05, 2020 · Effective immediately, if you are planning any in-person MIT event with more than 150 attendees that will take place between now and Friday, May 15, on campus or off campus, you must postpone, cancel or “virtualize” it. ... See Details

FAQ: Positive tests: Isolation, quarantine, re-testing


FREEFuture pod pauses could occur if the number of positive tests begins to rise again. To avoid this, students should not host or attend unauthorized on- or off-campus gatherings; they violate MIT COVID-19 policies and, more importantly, put our community at risk. March 8, 2021 ... See Details

Turning snapping on or off


FREETurning preselection on or off: From the bottom of the Sketcher toolbox, select the Sketcher customization tool . The Sketcher Options dialog box appears. From the General tabbed page, toggle Snap to grid. When Snap to grid is on, the secondary cursor snaps to nearby grid points as you move around the sketch. Depending on the grid size ... ... See Details