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Toggle GUIs On/Off + Upgraded Studio Output Window


FREEDec 20, 2016 · Playing a published game in Studio or in the client while logged in as a user with edit privileges for that game. …you can toggle the Roblox GUI on and off by hitting Ctrl + Shift + G on your keyboard (Cmd + Shift + G for Macs). You can also use Ctrl + Shift + C (Cmd + Shift + C for Macs) to toggle the developer-created GUI on and off. ... See Details

Creating a Building - Roblox


FREEMake sure that Collisions is turned off. In the Model tab, if collisions are turned on, the column won’t be able to rotate through the foundation. Using the Scale tool, resize the column it’s as tall as the walls. Turn on Collisions so the column doesn’t move through the foundation. ... See Details

Roblox VR – Roblox Support


FREEToggle the VR option to Off; While VR Mode is Off, you can toggle it to On by doing the following: Bring up the System Menu by pressing ESC on your keyboard, or by clicking the hamburger menu button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen; Toggle the VR option to On; Whether VR Mode is On or Off, the System Menu should appear as the following: ... See Details

Apple Store and iTunes - Enabling and Disabling Purchases


FREETap Don’t Allow on or off MacOS. Set up parental controls in macOS; Change restrictions in iTunes Family Settings. Apple offers buying and sharing controls for the whole family. Set up Family Sharing; Change the Ask to Buy settings ... See Details

Roblox Beta App – Roblox Support


FREERoblox app alters the flow of how players join games and where they can purchase Premium and Robux.. How to Install. If your account has access to the Roblox Beta App, you will see a banner for the app. Click on the Try It Now button in the banner.; A pop-up window will appear saying the Roblox Player is … ... See Details

How to make lights that you can shut on or off


FREEApr 05, 2019 · Make sure to apply all objects to a name, or even parenting them to a folder. After you use the CollectionService. Add a script that disables the lights, disables the beams but also turning off neon if necessary. Oh, and unfortunately, this is not a category for free scripts. This is for assisting with scripting of an existing code. ... See Details

How to Redeem Gift Cards – Roblox Support


FREEGift Cards can only be redeemed in a browser - they can't be redeemed in the Roblox apps. Roblox Gift Cards come in two types: Credit - Real money value for buying Robux or Memberships.; Robux - Virtual currency added to the account balance - only available at; Redeem a … ... See Details

ROBLOX using CPU instead of GPU for rendering - Engine


FREEMar 28, 2019 · lEH5oxA.png 650×997 370 KB. I suspect that ROBLOX is using my CPU for rendering instead of my GPU. The 0B detected VRAM and high (er) CPU usage occurs, immediately, with every game I join – it’s 100% reproducible on my end. I never noticed the issue before yesterday, but I don’t play ROBLOX games frequently, so it could have started a ... ... See Details

Disabling Chat Censoring - Website Features - DevForum


FREEAug 04, 2016 · Disabling Chat Censoring. ROBLOX_MANNN August 4, 2016, 11:25am #1. I put this under Web Features because you set your “13+” setting to true/false here. It would really… just be great to have some way of playing a ROBLOX Game without seeing constant #'s. There was a conversation I had yesterday where the chat filter turned almost ... ... See Details