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Viral Marketing: Effectiveness and Implementation


FREEThough 92% of these conversations are through off line means- face to face or phone- a vast majority of the influencers depend on the internet to get more information and make decisions.From plain old word of mouth, now with the use of social networking sites such as facebook, youtube and twitter, the effects of viral marketing campaigns can be ... ... See Details

The Chain of Evidence - Solution Essays


FREEThe chain of evidence refers the paper trail showing the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis and disposition of physical or electronic evidence. Any evidence obtained in the course of an investigation is subject to interrogation in a court of law. Subject to this demand, it is important that evidence is kept free from contamination, and […] ... See Details



FREEOperation Strategy of Primark Primark Stores Limited Company is a discount fashion chain company that deals in a variety of products including children’s, men’s and women’s clothing, confectionery, beauty products, and accessories. The company was opened in 1969 in Dublin under the company name Penneys. Today, the company operates more than 210 stores located in […] ... See Details

Plot Summary Of Wilson Rawls’ Where The Red Fern Grows


FREEBilly, his father, his grandpa, and his pups headed off for 2 days to the campground. The day they arrived, they had a beauty contest. Billy decided to enter Little Ann. With short notice, Billy didn’t have much time to clean her up but he tried his best. The competition went down to 2 dogs, a much bigger hound, and Little Ann. ... See Details

Genetic modification of crops - Solution Essays


FREEGenetic modification of crops Describe the technology. Biotechnology is the type of technology that enlists the help of live organisms to create or alter an organism for the purposes of achieving practical results. The technology is what scientists use to develop high breed crops, highly effective drugs and other biological organisms suitable for the problem […] ... See Details

All Quiet on the Western Front – Essay 9 - Solution Essays


FREEAll Quiet on the Western Front Essay Much like the present, there is a sort of intangible space between the older and younger generations. In All Quiet on the Western Front, youths like Paul Baumer must deal with the disillusion they feel towards what they were taught to believe in by those of the older […] ... See Details