Women and Self-Promotion: A Test of Three Theories https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0033294118755096?

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FREEJan 29, 2018 · This study tested which of the three possible theoretical mechanisms explained women’s limited self-promotion success: (1) cognitive dissonance, (2) stereotype threat, and (3) backlash avoidance. In this experiment, college women … ... Check Deal

[PDF]Opportunity Risk Women - .GLOBALhttps://www.grantthornton.global/globalassets/1.-member-firms/

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FREE4 Women in business: Turning promise into practice – Grant Thornton (2016) 5 Ibid 6 Why Men Still Get More Promotions Than Women – Harvard Business Review (2010) 7 Women in business: The path to leadership – Grant Thornton (2015) “Women are notnaturally comfortable with self-promotion… ... Check Deal

[PDF]Be a Bias Interrupter! Tools for Individualshttps://sfgov.org/dosw/sites/default/files/Tools for Individuals

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FREESelf-promotion. One study of NFL celebration dances found Black players garnered higher yardage penalties than whites; let’s make sure this doesn’t carry over to self-promotion in professional contexts. Some groups, notably class migrants and Asian-Americans, have strong modesty norms that can make them uncomfortable with self-promotion… ... Check Deal

[PDF]General Self-Presentational Strategies Used by College https://abpri.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/interpersona-12_2.pdf

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FREEIn relation to the subject of the present study, there appears to be at least three self– presentational strategies that are relevant. Considering the specific actions that make up these tactics, ingratiation and self-promotion … ... Check Deal